The 'test' website will be in BETA for some time yet, as not only am I attempting to build my own Raspberry Pi Server, but I'm also attempting to learn and impliment HTML5, PHP and CSS coding to current standards.

Setting up a Raspberry Pi is easy, these days I can almost do that in my sleep! Setting it up as a Raspberry Pi Server took a few attempts till I was happy with it. I've still a few things to impliment but it's working well.

Writing HTML code is fairly standard, I understand that, after all, it's almost as old as the World Wide Web itself.

Writing PHP code is, on paper, quite simple. I should have started learning it a few years ago, but I was able to do everything I wanted in HTML so never bothered, so I need to put some effort in to learning PHP.

Writing CCS again reads easy on paper, but I'm struggling with this one. It's supposed to be easy, but it's newer, so I've nothing to springboard from.

So, I'm using a free program called 'RocketCake', it's a semi self-explanitary program which needs some knowledge and some trial and error to use.

Thank you

Matthew and Chanice

for being my remote testers...

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